101 Showcase: Repairs

101 Showcase: Repairs

When selling your property, attend to minor repairs where possible.

Tip #3

As you go around the house, check to see if something needs repairing, then fix it. There are probably a number of things on this list that you have been promising yourself you would do for years. Well, now is the time. Leaving these things for the buyer (or their building inspector) to discover will leave them adding up what work needs doing and how much money needs to be spent. The problem with leaving these issues for the next owner is that in adding the cost of repairs, buyers will generally allow much more than is needed, affecting any offer they choose to make.

Repair plumbing and electrics.

Tip #4

You might be thinking “These repairs are no big deal”. However the potential buyer is thinking “If these problems have not been addressed then what about the hidden issues, the plumbing, the electrics etc?’. Minor repairs are perceived by buyers as owner neglect and could result in a lower sale price and lengthen the time required to sell.

Check paint and wall paper for wear and tear.

Tip #5

Check paint work and wallpaper for peeling or wear and tear.

Get a quote for major repairs to your home.

Tip #6

Major repairs can be treated a little differently. It is important to weigh up the cost of such works against the overall presentation of the property and what value they are likely to add to the home. Should you decide not to proceed with the work required, then full disclosure is recommended. Any issues are sure to show up at some stage during the inspection or building report so to eliminate any further negotiation it is best to be transparent with the potential buyers from the outset. You may choose to share with them any quotes on completing the work and definitely mention that you have allowed for the fact this work needs to be completed when setting the asking price.

Neutralise the decor of your home.

Tip #7

Try to neutralise the decor of the home with any improvements. Buyers want to see themselves living in the home. Neutral colour tones not only open up the property space-wise but allow buyers to place their own furniture no matter what the style or colour. A coat of neutral paint may be the best investment you ever make.

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