15 Ideas to Make Your Dining Room Look Great

15 Ideas to Make Your Dining Room Look Great

6 Oct 2015 Professionals Real Estate 0 Comment

Improve your dining roomNaturally you want every room in your house to look great but one of the main rooms where a lot of time is spent is the dining room, especially if you are entertaining. This is also one of the more important rooms that many potential buyers will pay extra attention to. There is a lot that you can do to make this particular room more interesting, functional and appealing.

Corner usage

Traditionally most people center their dining room table in the room. This doesn’t have to be the only way to make the table and its chairs look great. Consider using one of the corners of the room. If you have a bay window take advantage of the space below this by placing your table here and incorporating bench seating.

Use a rug for warming the atmosphere

If you want to make the room appear warmer and richer looking then using a rug may help you to accomplish this. You can stay with very plain colored furniture and go with a more color rug as the focal point.

Balance the room

Just because your dining room is big it doesn’t mean your only choice is big furniture. The same can be said about having a small space means you can only choose small furniture. You can actually balance the room by breaking these rules. You can create warmth with big furniture in a small room, and you can make a large room look even bigger with smaller furniture.

Use your lighting to its best advantage

Think about using an impressive looking lighting fixture as the focal point of the room. Make sure that the type of light it produces adds ambience to the room.

Become crafty

Think about adding your own personal touches to the dining room space with some of your own do it yourself craft items.

Be bold with vignettes

A small scene on one of your walls is what this is all about and it can go a long way in making a big impression for the room. Just be sure to enhance its effects with the appropriate accessories that match the scene.

Think about the flooring

Your choice of flooring can really add some pizzazz to the room. You might even want to think about a painted floor with a beautiful design.

How about a breakfast bar

Inexpensive to do and is a great alternative if you don’t have a traditional dining room.

The right art pieces

If your dining room is less than perfect then some good art work can draw the attention away from some small flaws that the room may have.

A feature wall

A feature wall can be one that is comprised of a dramatic and bold color. This is going to immediately draw attention to it so you want it to be done well.

The mix and match seating

Add some texture and color to your room by staying away from matched seating and try mixing it up. It creates an interesting look.

Multi use

Make the most of this room by making it multi functional. It could work as a dining area but with a few furniture additions it could be turned into a cozy library as well.

Make it temporary

If you are tight for space think about wall mounting a fold down table that can be folded down when not needed.

Escape from the traditional

There is no rule that says that they styles have to match. Be creative and mix it up a bit. Try different eras of furniture to create a uniqueness to the room.

Make the table a focal point

If you want to direct the viewer’s attention to something specific then dressing up the dining room table will allow you to do this.

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