Creating a Country Feel for Your Urban Space

Creating a Country Feel for Your Urban Space

20 Oct 2015 Professionals Real Estate 0 Comment

An image of a planter box and gardening toolsWhile urban living comes with many advantages, most people living in this type of setting also want to enjoy some outdoor space that can give them a country feel. It is entirely possible and only requires a small area of outdoor space like a patio or balcony, or even a slight transformation of the courtyard.

Creating green space is not difficult and just requires a little planning and some imagination. Plus, using some great gardening resources can be a big help.

The stand up gardens

It doesn’t take acres of land to have a garden. Now there are vertical gardens that are perfect for when floor space is limited. You can either buy these types of gardens that you put together yourself, or you can do it yourself with some of the great projects that are available for this. Anything you plant in these is going to grow up vertically instead of horizontally.

Gardens that float

These come into your hanging plant range of greenery. Except now they go far beyond the standard hanging pot. They come in a variety of designs and can be multi tiered for even greater viewing pleasure. They can be hung from the balcony ceiling, or even mounted on the walls for a spectacular and modern look. Again they are real space savers.

Sprucing up with garden art

Garden art has become a big trend lately, and there are all kinds to choose from. In fact, if you love a pond then you can actually have a miniature water garden that will fit into any tight space. Some of these are no bigger than a standard garden pot, yet they come with some very pleasing results. For the plants you can use some of the small aquatic plants that will survive nicely in this type of atmosphere.

Your décor

There are many compact versions of décor that you can add to your new green setting that is compact and yet comfortable. Stay away from the bulky type furniture as it will just over power your new garden setting.  You can now get patio tables that fold down to a very compact unit along with two chairs, or even an outdoor bistro set would blend in wonderfully with your new setting.

Once you put a little time and effort into creating some greenery in your outdoor space, it is going to automatically feel like you have extended your indoor living space. You are definitely going to want to spend a lot more time outdoors with your new transformation of this space. Don’t forget to add some compact outdoor lighting to this new area so you can enjoy it at night too.

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