Increasing the Property Value with the Right Landscaping

Increasing the Property Value with the Right Landscaping

8 Oct 2015 Professionals Real Estate 0 Comment

Image of lawn being laidThere are many different steps you can take to increase your property value, and each of them may not take all that much work but they are important. Landscaping is one of these and you will be surprised at how following these few steps will make a big difference to the appearance and presentation of your property.

How about trees?

Some individuals believe that trees obstruct views from the home, yet it has been shown that having trees on your property can increase its value. Where the trees are situated on the property do make a difference, and it has found to be appealing if the tree happens to be in the front yard. There is also extra value added to your home if it happens to be situated on a street that is tree lined.

Create the property perimeter with your lawn edges

Having a neatly manicured lawn will help to improve the appearance of the property. By edging the lawn it clearly shows its boundaries and looks well kept. This gives the illusion of lower maintenance efforts which is a selling feature. All it takes is the use of an edging spade to create the edged lines. If this doesn’t appear then think about other types of lawn edge dividers like brick or stone.

Problem Solving Plants

You will always see some flaws in your landscaping but these can probably be easily camouflaged with some plants. You will need to do some careful planning and research as to the best types of plants for this. Talk about the problem you are trying to solve with your garden specialist and they will be able to suggest the best types of plants to use to help correct the issue.

Tender garden care

Weeding is something you may not enjoy but might be a necessity to spruce up the exterior look of your home. Once you get the initial weeding done then rely on some mulch such as pine bark to help keep the weeds down and give a finished look to the garden setting.

Choose your plants wisely

It is easy to get carried away with all the different variety of plant species that are available. Ideally though to ensure your garden doesn’t look cluttered and wild reduce your choices to just a few that fit in with the rest of the design of the landscaping.

New lawn when needed

Lush green grass really does look impressive. If your lawn doesn’t appear this way then consider using something like Kikuyu to replace it. It is more cost effective. If there are just small patches that need attention then consider re-seeding it with fescue or rye grass as this will thicken the appearance of the lawn.

Don’t be afraid to add color

To add some real curb appeal you can do this by adding some color to your entrance way by using colorful pot plants or some vibrant green topiaries. If they are potted you can take them with you when you move or put them in other places to enhance your landscaping.

Prune with caution

Your trees and shrubs need care too which means they need to be controlled and groomed with pruning, but don’t get too carried away with this. You want these items to look full, rich in color and healthy.




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