What Do Property Buyers Want

What Do Property Buyers Want

18 Nov 2015 Professionals 0 Comment

Have you ever wondered what draws buyers to one property over another? The property features that buyers will look for can depend on things like price range or the location they’re looking in, or whether it’s a first homebuyer, investor or developer.

However, there are some property features that will appeal to a broad range of buyers, including:

Modern kitchens and bathrooms – Who doesn’t want to move into a home with a brand new kitchen and bathroom? Many homebuyers and investors want all the work done for them and unless they’re looking for a doer-upper will at least want a bathroom and kitchen in decent working order.

If you have an older home, then that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to renovate before you sell, but in many cases updated kitchens and bathrooms can be huge draw cards and add significant property value.

Open floor plans – Property trends change from year to year, but the open floor plan design looks like it is here to stay. People don’t want to be stuck cooking in kitchens that are tucked away in small nooks of the house, they want layouts where they can cook, host guests and watch the kids all at once.

You can often make rooms feel more open by moving furniture around to create the feeling of space, but if you’re thinking about giving your property a complete overhaul then just make sure that you contact a builder and structural engineer before proceeding.

Kerb appeal – The front façade and garden is your home’s biggest advertisement. Prospective buyers will create lasting impressions on a property based on whether the garden looks well maintained or the fence looks safe and secure.

Luckily, you can add instant kerb appeal by cleaning and tidying up the front yard, fixing any issues with the fence or carport, and giving the property a fresh coat of paint.

Clean floors and walls – Mouldy walls or old, stained carpets can be major turnoffs for homebuyers, and they may be the symptom of much bigger problems.

Apart from getting any underlying problems fixed, it could also be worth a fresh coat of paint to make your property feel like new again. If floors are the problem then rip them out and start again, or if you’re lucky you might have some beautiful hardwood floors underneath that are waiting to be polished and brought back to their former glory.

If you’re thinking about renovating before selling your home then make sure to do lots of research on the area you’re selling in first. Visit local open homes and listen to what buyers comment on. It’s also worth following other property sales in your area and making note of the properties that sell for more and the kinds of property features they have.

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