How a kitchen can help sell your home

How a kitchen can help sell your home

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The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home and it has the potential to be the main drawcard when selling if it’s clean, functional and has good quality fittings and fixtures.

An impressive kitchen will excite buyers and help bring up a property’s sale price. It is a room that can face intense buyer scrutiny, simply because people spend a lot of time in their kitchens.

These days kitchens need to be multifunctional spaces that people can use as a space to cook, eat and entertain their guests.

Kitchen features that matter to buyers include:


Built-in appliances such as dishwashers, ovens and coffee machines can be huge attractions for buyers, particularly if they are quality branded products.

Appliances that you will be taking with you when you move are important too, and can help add to a kitchen’s visual appeal. For this reason it may be worth hiring or buying appliances for the duration of a sale.  Any appliances that remain on kitchen benches should be sparkling clean.

Bench space:

Buyers want room in their kitchen to whip up their favourite gourmet meals, so the more bench space the better.

To help create the illusion of more bench space it’s a good idea to keep countertops free of clutter.


Bold colour choices can polarise buyers so it’s best to stick to classic and neutral colours in the kitchen.

If your kitchen already has some quirky colour choices it could be worth bringing in experts to respray the kitchen in colours that will be more appealing to modern buyers.

Design and Layout:

Buyers are looking for clever kitchen designs and layouts that allow them to make the most of their kitchens.

Smart kitchen elements include having lots of storage space and organisation, good ventilation, and dedicated task areas.

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