5 simple ways to boost your home’s value

5 simple ways to boost your home’s value

21 Aug 2017 prosmarketing 0 Comment

There are certain things that any property owner can do to help vastly increase the value of their property – and it doesn’t have to include renovating.

For many homeowners, getting their property ready for sale will include taking care of maintenance issues and adding a coat of paint, but while these are all tried and true methods there are a number of other things you can do to help increase your property’s end value.

  1. Showcase the property’s best attributes

Show buyers why your property is special, whether it’s because it has a big backyard or unique, scenic views.  For instance: Large cheerful kitchen windows are an important feature and need to be highlighted. Review the window furnishings – are they clean, sharp and up to date? This will help them stand out when buyers walk through your home.

Making sure that the best parts of your property stand out is crucial if you want to ‘wow’ your buyers.

  1. Spend time staging

Don’t underestimate the effect of having a professionally styled home. Having the right furniture and styling in each room can help buyers picture how to use each space and can make your property seem more attractive and liveable.

  1. Sell the lifestyle of the area

Buyers aren’t just interested in the property itself, they’re also interested in the lifestyle that living there brings.  For example, if you live in an active location with lots of bike paths around you could emphasise this by leaving a bicycle out front. If you live in an area with lots of well-regarded cafes and local produce you can show this off by buying some local treats and putting them out for guests at open homes. There are plenty of ways you can get creative and show off the place that you live.

  1. Highlight the property’s bonus features

Sometimes it’s the little extras that appeal to buyers. Things like solar panels, luxury brand appliances or even an established garden may provide an added incentive for buyers to add extra dollars onto the asking price. Don’t forget to mention all of the individual features of a property when selling.

  1. Make your property memorable

Many buyers will visit a few properties a day so it’s important that you make sure your property sticks in people’s memories – and for the right reasons. A few things that can help leave a lasting impression include a stunning work of art or even just leaving tasty refreshments out.

For more tips to help you add value to your home, take a look at our guide – 101 Tips to Sell Your Home.

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