Styling your bathroom for open homes

Styling your bathroom for open homes

14 Sep 2017 prosmarketing 0 Comment

When preparing your property for sale it’s crucial to style your bathroom to appeal to the widest variety of buyers.

There aren’t many buyers that won’t fall in love with a fresh and beautiful bathroom that reminds them of a relaxing day spa or a glamorous hotel bathroom.

While you may not have the budget to completely renovate your bathroom and turn it into every buyer’s fantasy, you can make some simple changes to help make it feel fresh, luxurious and a little more enticing to buyers.


  1. De-clutter all surfaces

Start preparing your bathroom by clearing away all bathroom products and everyday items. Buyers don’t want to see things like toothbrushes or old crusty pieces of soap in the shower. Similarly, remove items such as bathroom scales, bins and bathmats. The clearer and simpler the bathroom is the better.


  1. Do a thorough clean

If nothing else a bathroom should be clean. That means that absolutely every surface should be spotless and look like new. Replace any dirty or worn shower curtains and clean glass shower screens. Consider replacing tinted glass with clear to make the room seem larger.


  1. Make small updates

It might not be cost-effective to do a major bathroom renovation, but there are simply changes that won’t break the bank. Consider replacing small things that will have a big impact, such as mirrors, taps or towel rails. Sometimes even a simple coat of paint can freshen up an old bathroom.


  1. Buy fresh linen

New towels can help provide your bathroom with a more luxurious feel. Purchase a couple of matching towels you can bring out specifically for inspections.


  1. Add well-chosen accessories

If you think your bathroom needs a little bit of extra personality consider purchasing a couple of accessories such as pot plants, hand soaps or fragrant candles. Don’t go overboard though, as too many items can make a bathroom look cluttered.


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