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My name is Naomi Thomas.   I started my career in real estate in Forrestfield when Professionals Stirling Clark asked me to attend 2 weeks work experience.  That suited me as otherwise I would have finished school with no working experience.   This was my opportunity have some real experience under my belt.

When I did my work experience it wasn’t long before I received a phone call (at the age of 17) letting me know the receptionist had moved into property management and would I like a job. I was ecstatic! I didn’t even know what a seller/vendor or even what a conveyancer was! I then moved quickly into the property management department as the property manager’s left the company. At the age of 21 I completed my property management registration.

I came and left Forrestfield Professionals so many times to try new things like Strata Management and Business Development in sales, I wanted to try all areas of real estate but I always kept going back to property management. I was honoured that Forrestfield Professionals were happy for me to keep coming back. They always found a job for me or created one so I could work there. My last role with them was Business Development Manager roughly bringing in 15 managements a month.

When I was 29 my family decided to move to Bakers Hill for a different lifestyle with land. Unfortunately I had to leave Forrestfield. I started working in a small office with a rent roll of 20 properties. We grew quickly by purchasing a rent roll from another agent and relocating the office to Northam

In 2014 I purchased the office and continued to work in property management. I have a growing team both in property management and sales. My staff are efficient, inspiring and always happy to give things a go, Most of all they work hard which I’m proud of. 

In 2015 I renamed the independent office to Professionals and continued with the independent name until I decided to re name it Professionals Avon Valley in late 2016. This is when I did my Licensee course to become Licensee of the office.

Since I opening in 2014 we have worked extremely hard to grow in our rental department organically. I am very proud of our results.  

I was nominated by an owner in 2016 and became a Finalist in the Wheatbelt Excellence Awards. In 2017 I was also awarded a finalist in the Northam Chamber of Commerce Avon Valley Business Excellence Awards for Best Business 0-10 employees.

I strive to be the best in my area I have the team to back me up. I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would rather be.

The moto I live by is ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’

Please allow our team help you when you decide to sell or rent. 

Naomi Thomas


- 2016 Finalist - Wheatbelt Excellence Awards

- 2016 (Ongoing) Northam Women in Business

- 2016 Completed Diploma Property Services 

- 2017 Finalist - Northam Chamber of Commerce - Business Excellence Awards Catergory - Best Business 0 - 10 Employees 

- 2017 President P & C at Bakers Hill Primary School

- 2017 School Councillor member at Bakers Hill Primary School

- 2018 President P & C at Bakers Hill Primary School

- 2018 School Councillor member at Bakers Hill Primary School

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