101 Ways to showcase your home

101 Ways to showcase your home

Deciding to put your home on the market can be an emotional decision, letting go of the place where so many happy memories were created. As you close this chapter of your life and look for a new family to love the home as much as you have there are a few important points to consider. In looking to maximise what you achieve from the sale of your home, it is important to weigh up the four P’s of Property:

Position. Pricing. Presentation. Promotion.

One of the most important considerations for buyers about the property they buy is where the property is located.


Of the four P’s this is the area over which you have the least control. One of the most important considerations for buyers about the property they buy is where the property is located. Think about your home and its location and make a list of why the position was appealing to you. This will help sell the lifestyle to potential buyers.

Your agent will assess recent comparable sales that extract the current market value of your property and current competition to provide you with a competitive pricing structure.


The greatest number of buyers will be attracted to your property in the first 4-6 weeks. This means it is important for your property to be competitively priced in this time as you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Research shows that if a property is overpriced it attracts fewer buyers, takes longer to sell and eventually sells at a lower price than a property which is correctly priced when it first comes onto the market. Underpriced properties will have potential buyers questioning if there is something wrong with the property. Your agent will assess recent comparable sales that extract the current market value of your property and current competition to provide you with a competitive pricing structure. Remember it is not the number of opinions that you get on your property, but the research and comparables that the agent chooses to use. Try to look at these comparable properties objectively, just as if you were a buyer comparing them, and work with your agent to set the price.

How your home is presented can make all the difference to the price a buyer is willing to pay for your property.


As the homeowner this is the most important part of the sale process, and the area that will help your property differentiate from the competition. In doing so you will achieve a superior result in a shorter space of time. With just a small amount of effort and a few tips from this guide, you can make your house a STAR!

You cant sell a secret, so promoting your property to the most possible buyers is essential in seeking the highest possible price for your property.


The Method of Sale you choose to sell your property will depend on the area in which you are located, the state of the current market and your personal situation. Your agent will discuss the benefits of Private Treaty, Expressions of Interest and Auction and which method would be the most suitable for you and your property. Once you have decided which way to sell your home, your agent can start to plan a marketing strategy that will maximise the value achieved for your asset. The focus of this campaign is to have your property reach as many potential buyers as possible. Your agent will identify your ideal buyers and then assess not only how you intend reaching them but how you will stand out from the competition. Be prepared to invest money in assuring your property stands out to possible buyers, ask your agent how they think your property can most effectively be marketed.

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