All You Need to Know About Indoor Plants

All You Need to Know About Indoor Plants

29 Sep 2015 Professionals Real Estate 0 Comment

Image of a woman spraying an indoor plantThere are a lot of great benefits to using indoor plants to spruce up your home. Don’t be surprised when you start off bringing in one or two of these that you soon find that you are looking for space to bring in a whole lot more.

These are one of the most inexpensive items that you can add to your home décor that has the ability to enhance any room that they are put in. When you have some extra space that you need to fill then before looking for anything else consider some indoor plants first.

A healthy atmosphere

Most people that are exposed to indoor plants usually find they feel relaxed but they don’t attribute this to the plants themselves. Yet studies have indicated that plants can have a calming effect. Something else they are capable of doing is purifying the air in the room they are contained in. It is suggested that they have the ability to clear the toxins in their location. Leafier plants are better suited for this such as the ferns, spider plants or the weeping figs.

The Natural air freshener

Plants can add a fragrance to a room that can help to over power all the unwanted odors that can accumulate in a room.  To accomplish this you want to go for plants that have a nice fragrance such as gardenias, jasmine, sharry baby orchids and geraniums.

The proper care

Your indoor plants are going to demand some care and a proper environment. You need to provide them with proper lighting but you will discover what type of lighting is determined by the plant species. Some plant will want more light than others.

If you are choosing plants that are foliage only then they won’t demand as much light. If you are into the cacti then this is different as these plants thrive on hot well lit conditions.

Also, if you are going with flowering plants then they will need more light.

The ideal location for your plants is a west or east facing location where they can depend on natural lighting as their source. Watch them carefully to see where they do well.

When you purchase your plants be sure to pay attention to the tags that come with them if you are buying them commercially. This often will not only give you the name of the plant but also what type of care it needs.

You may find that you need to add some plant food and fertilized on occasion. Make sure you use what is appropriate for your particular plants.

Don’t forget about watering, but at the same time don’t over water. This can cause root rot.

There may be times where your plants do so well that they out grow the pots they were started in and you need to transplant them to bigger pots in order to allow them to flourish.

Keeping house plants is fun and easy and you will certainly get a lot of enjoyment from them, in addition to the beauty they will bring to your home.

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