Streamlining Your Finances with a House Move

Streamlining Your Finances with a House Move

15 Sep 2015 Professionals Real Estate 0 Comment

Image of Australian currency and a calculatorSometimes deciding on changing your residence can do a lot to improve your financial situation. It gives you a fresh perspective and lets you have a new start. This can create a good positive boost to your financial situation.

Improved Organisational Skills

After spending many years in one house it is easy to become disorganised especially when it comes to the organising of all the household bills that come in on a regular basis. They can end up getting scattered throughout the house, then maybe forgotten about and don’t get paid.

In your new house you can get better organised and create a designated spot both for the filing of your important paperwork, and a central location for sitting down and paying your bills and keeping track of them. When your bills are organised it gives you much more control over them. You can set up files for what needs to be paid and what is still yet to be paid. It doesn’t take a lot of space or time to do this. A small filing cabinet or even accordion folders will work perfectly.

Getting in tune with the times

We are living in an age where everything is electronic, and whether we agree with it or not, we almost being forced into it. Many companies are now sending their bills through this way, and it really does help to stay more organised once you become familiar with setting up your computer with a proper electronic filing system. You can even set up alerts so you will be notified when payments are due. This can really be of a financial benefit because it is a way of eliminating the late charges.

You can even go a step further and set up automatic payments for your ongoing bills. Then all you have to focus on is making sure the funds are in the bank prior to the payments being made. This soon becomes a routine and you will find that it can be a big stress reliever.

Once you are ready for the new house move it gives you a chance to do some comparison shopping for suppliers for your utilities. You most likely will be able to save some extra money here as well.

If you were thinking about all of the positive aspects to your new house move, then you want to be sure to include these few points just covered as part of them. It may seem that these actions are not big money savers, but when you combine them then they certainly can add up.

Being organised with your bill paying should be part of your budgeting strategy, and just the fact that you are not under as much stress when it comes bill paying time is a big factor.

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