Making the Best of a Small Bathroom

Making the Best of a Small Bathroom

1 Oct 2015 Professionals Real Estate 0 Comment

Image of a small bathromThere are some rooms in every house that are smaller than others, but one that really can be of a contention is the bathroom. Almost everyone enjoys having this particular room at least a little bit larger. Often it is not possible or feasible to increase the size, so the next best thing is to make some small but important changes that will make it more workable.

Make it look taller:

One of the common complaints is the bathroom just doesn’t appear to have enough height. There are some quick things you can do to create the illusion of height. Instead of cutting the tiles off midway up the wall extend them to the ceiling. Painting stripes on the way is another neat way of creating the look of height. You can do this with paint or wall paper.

Another technique is to use a border at the crown of the ceiling. This automatically draws the viewer’s eye up to it.

Mirror and light combo:

Experiment with using lighting and mirrors to create the bigger look. The mirrors can help to reflect the light. Using a clear shower screen will make the room appear larger. Try to avoid barriers like having a frame around the shower screen.

Try to capitalize on any natural lighting that you have. If you have a bathroom window try not to block it with heavy window coverings.

If you want to do some renovation then consider having a skylight installed. This will give you the advantage of having some sun enter the room.

Don’t just rely on overhead lighting. Use track lighting under shelves but make sure you place the shelves higher on the wall then what is normal.

Use color to its best advantage:

Remember that dark colors tend to make a room appear more closed in. So stick with the lighter neutral colors. To create color contrast do this with small accessories, like your towels for example, Stay away from patterns on the wall and keep them subtle in your wall tiles and flooring as well.

Using tiles:

Tiles add a perfect touch to the bathroom but the wrong ones or too many can make the room appear small and cluttered. You want to showcase your floor as much as possible but you don’t want the floor tiles to appear as though they are taking over the room.

The bathroom fixtures:

Here are referring to the larger items like the sink and bath. You don’t want to try and have a large vanity in a small bathroom area. Stick with the pedestal sinks and for storage think more of wall mounts rather than units that sit on floor. For the bath try to opt for one that is deep rather than long. This acts as a space saver. You may also want to consider setting the toilet itself in an alcove, and don’t forget about some potential storage space above this area.

These few tips will go a long way in making your now small bathroom look a whole lot bigger.

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