Top 10 Tips For Selling A Home

Top 10 Tips For Selling A Home

13 Oct 2015 Professionals 0 Comment

By Shane Kempton, CEO, Professionals Real Estate Group

Spring is in the air and it’s a great time to start preparing your home if you have plans to sell in the coming months. Below are some useful tips which sellers should consider when listing their property for sale.

1.Local Knowledge. Use the services of a real estate agent who has good local knowledge of sales as well as potential property buyers in your area. A reputable agent will be able to set a correct selling price and market the property to buyers most likely to purchase your home. pricing of your home.

2. Local Buyers. Research also shows that most people who purchase a home live within 15 kilometre radius of the property. Your marketing campaign should therefore be carefully targeted at potential buyers who live in your local area.

3. Eliminate Clutter. If you want to understand how to present your home for sale then have a look at the inside of a display home. By removing unnecessary items such as children’s toys and unused furniture, you can make you home tidier as well as make the rooms look much bigger.

4. Accessories. Considering buying a few well placed accessories for your home to enhance its emotional appeal. For example, accessories such as mirrors, plants and quality towels can generate a feeling of luxury even in an otherwise plain bathroom.

5. Unused Rooms. If you have rooms that are unused make sure they also generate an emotional appeal. Homes that have empty rooms are usually much more difficult to sell. If you have any empty rooms make sure they has some furniture as well as flowers and hanging pictures.

6. Colour Scheme. One of the most common reasons why homeowners have difficulty selling their home is that they have selected an exotic colour scheme. The interior colour scheme sets the tone of the home and it should be finished in such a way as to appeal to the greatest number of home buyers. Anyone who is considering selling their home should therefore ensure that they have a neutral colour scheme.

7. Light . Your colour scheme should maximize the use of light inside your home. The clever use of light can make your home appear larger as well as more friendly. Typical ways home buyers can enhance the use of light is to use mirrors in smaller bedroom and make sure that windows are always clean for inspections.

8. Kitchen. Research shows that the kitchen area is becoming an increasingly important issue for people wanting to buy a home. You should make sure that any kitchen cupboards and benchtops are not cluttered and that they are very well presented. The kitchen should always be clean and especially the tiles. You should clean the tiles and grouting and if necessary re-grout to restore their appearance.

9. Bathroom. The bathroom is another important room in the home in the decision making for home buyers. A useful and inexpensive tip is to consider installing new bathroom taps. Consider repainting the bathroom ceiling if it is flaking or slightly stained.

10. Light Fittings. The light fittings in a home also establish the atmosphere in a home. Consider using higher quality light fittings in larger rooms such as the main family room and the guestroom. Light fittings with multiple bulbs are more impressive during home presentations to home buyers and also make rooms appear much larger.

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