5 Things To Do Before Listing Your Home

5 Things To Do Before Listing Your Home

1 Aug 2016 Professionals 0 Comment

Once you’ve decided you want to sell, it can be tempting to put your property on the market right away, however it can pay to bring your property up to scratch before listing it for sale.

Here are 5 things you should do before listing your property:

1. Clean up gardens

Don’t underestimate how important a neat and tidy garden is. Weeds and un-mowed lawns can make a property look like it hasn’t been well maintained, which can turn away potential buyers before they even step foot inside your front door.

If you don’t have a green thumb then consider hiring a professional gardener to keep your garden looking neat and tidy while it is on the market.

2. Carry out general maintenance

Anything that is broken should be fixed before putting your home up for sale; otherwise buyers might expect a discount. Things like leaking taps, a crooked letterbox or broken lights should all be fixed before listing a property. Even if it’s something that doesn’t both you, it might be enough to turn off a potential buyer.

3. Make the property spotless

A dirty home can be extremely off-putting to buyers, so make the effort to keep your home clean while it remains on the market. If you have carpets or couches it might also be worth hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and get rid of any noticeable stains or marks for you.

4. De-clutter and rearrange furniture

While it’s only your property on the market, that doesn’t mean that people won’t be judging what you have inside it too. Things like clutter or unusual furniture choices can make a property appear smaller than it really is or make buyers question whether there’s enough storage space.

Empty rooms can also be a problem, because buyers don’t know how to use the space. If you think your furniture choices are letting the house down, it might be worth using a styling service. Putting some of your furniture away in storage is another option.

5. Ask your Professionals Real Estate Agent for advice

Every home is different and what helps sell one home might not work for another. For this reason it’s best to talk to a qualified Professionals Agent who can make recommendations on the best course of action to take to sell your home for the best price possible.

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