Setting the scene for an open home

Setting the scene for an open home

21 Jun 2017 prosmarketing 0 Comment

Holding an open home is a great way to get buyers to notice your home… however only if it’s done right.


To make a good impression on buyers you need to present your home in immaculate condition. If a property isn’t up to scratch a buyer might walk into a home and walk straight back out.


So take the time to clean, de-clutter and do anything else that will help make your home shine.


Below are a few steps to take to get your home ready for an open home:


  1. Clean – A clean house will present infinitely better than a dirty one. Wipe down all surfaces and don’t forget to dust away those cobwebs on fans and lights. If you can afford it a professional cleaning surface can be a worthwhile investment.


  1. Remove clutter – Clear countertops and throw away things like old newspapers or magazines. Also find a new home for all those little knick-knacks and items of furniture that are taking up too much space.


  1. Depersonalise – Hide personal photos or other sentimental items that are displayed at the property. Buyers want to picture themselves living in a home, which can be hard to do if they feel like they’re intruding in someone else’s.


  1. Eliminate smells – Do what you can to eliminate pet, smoke or other unpleasant odours. You can use products like carpet deodorisers or air fresheners, but the best strategy is to remove the source rather than mask it.


  1. Make minor repairs – Issues like leaky taps or broken lights will stand out to buyers so aim to fix these before an open home.


  1. Place centrepieces on tables – Set the scene by arranging the dining table for a dinner party complete with a centrepiece of flowers or candelabra.


  1. Arrange furniture – Make sure that the furniture in each room suits the space. You may need to take away oversized furniture, or items that are blocking walkways.


  1. Make up bedrooms – Make up beds before each open home and keep bedside tables clear except for decorative items like lamps or a vase with flowers. Consider purchasing new linen to help brighten up bedrooms.


  1. Let in light – Let as much light into each room as possible by opening up curtains. Adding a mirror or a lamp can help add extra light if it’s needed.


  1. Add any finishing touches – Before leaving the home on inspection day, take a quick look around and add any finishing touches such as adjusting the temperature or cleaning away items left out in the kitchen or bathroom.


Want more ideas to help set the scene at your open home? Read our guide – 101 Tips to Sell Your Home.

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