How to style your kitchen for sale

How to style your kitchen for sale

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. Not only is it a place for cooking up family feasts and storing food, it’s also a place that many people use to entertain or to socialise and spend time with the family.

Because the kitchen plays such a pivotal role in the home, it’s well worth spending the time making it look its best at sale time. The better the kitchen looks, the more appealing a home can be overall.

To help you ensure your home achieves maximum buyer appeal, here are a few tips for presenting your kitchen:

Clean, clean, clean

Kitchens have a habit of building up grease and grime, particularly around sinks and ovens. Make sure to give the kitchen a thorough scrub, paying attention to areas around appliances and any hidden nooks and crannies.

Make every surface in the kitchen sparkle, the last thing you want is for buyers to notice grease stains on the stovetop.

Fix maintenance issues

Take the time to fix any issues in the kitchen such as leaking taps or broken lights. Buyers will often test out things in the kitchen so it’s best that everything is in functional and working order.

Set the scene

Create the ideal first impression in the kitchen by appealing to buyers’ sense of sight, taste and smell. Set the scene with an open cookbook or a colourful basket of fruit (fresh or ornamental). Fresh baked treats can also prove to be a winner.

Let in light

Make the kitchen seem more welcoming and spacious by letting in as much light as possible. Open up curtains and turn on lights before property inspections to help put your kitchen in the spotlight.

Consider renovating – A renovated kitchen could help add considerably to your sales price but it can be hard to determine when renovations are needed and when they aren’t. If you are thinking about renovating, concentrate on cosmetic changes. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint or new appliances is all a kitchen needs to really shine.

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