How to update your kitchen on a budget

How to update your kitchen on a budget

7 Jul 2017 prosmarketing 0 Comment

Kitchen renovations don’t need to cost a fortune. There are a number of small changes that can be made in the kitchen that can help bring it to life and make it a major selling point for your home.

A few cost effective changes include:

Switch out cabinet handles – Small changes can make a big difference in the kitchen. Cabinet handles can instantly giveaway a kitchen’s age, as styles and materials tend to change quite frequently.

There are plenty of new and modern cabinet handles to choose from, available in all price ranges, so you’re sure to find a style that suits your kitchen and interior décor.

Replace cabinet doors – This is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen and is much cheaper than ripping out the entire kitchen and starting from scratch. Another option, if the doors are still in good condition, is to simply paint them in a new colour.

Paint wall tiles – Speaking of painting, you can also make the kitchen feel like a new room by painting old tiles and splashbacks. This can provide your kitchen with a fresh new look and can be a way to help match it in with other colours in your home.

Install a new bench top – Bench top looking worse for wear? A new one could make for an instant and inexpensive update for your kitchen. Natural stones, timber and stainless steel are all popular options but if you want to save money, laminate is not only affordable but it is also versatile, low maintenance and it can look great too.

Clean and de-clutter – Last but not least, pay attention to the overall cleanliness and organisation of your kitchen. Sometimes all a kitchen needs is a good scrub to help bring it back to life.

You might also be surprised at the amount of bench space you have after you remove items placed on top. Benches should be free of clutter and appliances as much as possible. The fridge should be free of magnets and personal notes or photos.

These small changes might be all you need to do to make your kitchen shine.

If you’re after tips to help you get the rest of your home ready for sale take a look at our guide – 101 Tips to Sell Your Home.

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