7 tips for a clutter-free home

7 tips for a clutter-free home

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Who doesn’t admire a clean and fuss-free home? Those ones we admire where everything always seems to have its place and nothing is out of line.

When presenting a property for sale the goal is to make your home look just like those homes you’ve always admired. While you may have your doubts that you can turn a messy home into a clutter-free haven, following a few simple tips may be all you need to make the transition.

  1. Keep benches clear

Clutter is often most noticeable on bench tops where people expect to see smooth surfaces. You need to resist the urge to place things like mail, keys or bags on your benches when you enter a home. Find a new place for them where they are out of sight.

Similarly, in the kitchen don’t fill your benches up with appliances or kitchen utensils. One of two items may look okay, but try to aim for a clear and functional bench top to highlight the amount of space available.


  1. Clean out cabinets and drawers

Cabinets and drawers are often the go-to places to hide away clutter and unwanted items, however when selling these areas may still be open for scrutiny by buyers. Aim to arrange your cabinets and drawers with a clean and minimalistic goal in mind. Dispose of old items and clean the shelves. This is especially important if you have any open shelving or cabinetry in the home.


  1. Don’t pile items together

Are you the kind of person that keeps a pile of plastic bags in your kitchen pantry? Or perhaps you have a pile of towels that constantly waits for you in the bathroom? Try to get out of the habit of storing everything in a huge pile to be dealt with later. Instead tackle these areas and clean them up so you can regain extra space.


  1. Find a home for every item

One of the key ways to keeping your home clutter-free is ensuring that everything you bring into the home has its place. This means that there should be a designated spot for every household item, whether you use it often or not. This way when you take something out you know where to put it back again so it doesn’t end up crowding other areas of the home.


  1. Have regular tidy-ups

If you want to maintain a clutter-free home you need to work at it. Put aside a couple of minutes each day to walk around your home and pick up items that aren’t in the right place. The longer you go without doing a general tidy-up, the more out of hand the clutter in your home is likely to get.


  1. If you don’t use it then lose it

It should go without saying but the less you own, the less clutter you will have to deal with. It can be hard to throw away old items, but if something can’t be salvaged and it has no sentimental value then it’s probably not worth keeping. Try to go by the “one in, one out” rule and throw items away as you bring new things into the home.


  1. Limit what you bring in the home

The best way to sustain a clean and clutter-free home is to try and prevent new items from taking over. Think carefully about everything that you bring home and ask if you really need it.  If not then it may just contribute to the “stuff” you have lying around your home.


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  1. Arrange your cabinets and drawers with a clean and minimalistic goal in mind. Dispose of old items and clean the shelves.

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