How to make stairs a standout property feature

How to make stairs a standout property feature

7 Oct 2017 prosmarketing 0 Comment

Stairs are often a prominent feature of a property, which means they can make or break a property’s style.

In many homes the stairs are the first thing that people see when they walk through the front door so it’s important to make the area as welcoming and visually appealing as possible.

Use artwork

A stairway can be a great place for displaying artwork or family portraits, however the latter may not be suitable if styling a property for sale. Take proportion into consideration. Small frames, or a single picture, can look strange next to a large staircase.

Pay attention to light

Where stairs are a focal point from an entry or living area, a nice feature light can improve visual appeal.

Lighting on stairs also needs to be adequate enough to light people’s way as it can be hazardous if steps can’t be seen. Also ensure that there is a light switch at either end of the staircase so that nobody is forced to walk in the dark.

Make the most of storage

One of the advantages of having stairs in a lot of homes is the extra storage it provides underneath. Make this area a useful space by keeping it neat and tidy and adding organisational features. This can prove to be a major selling point when it comes time to sell.

Choose the right flooring

Flooring for stairs needs to be safe and durable. Slippery surfaces, such as stone, aren’t recommended. Tiles or wood are a better choice. Carpet is popular as well, however keep in mind that certain carpets will wear out quickly and may not be suitable for stairways.

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