Are stairs a problem when selling?

Are stairs a problem when selling?

1 Oct 2017 prosmarketing 0 Comment

There has long been a debate in real estate about whether it is better to have a one-story or two-story property. While a two-story property generally indicates more square footage and possibly a larger and more attractive home, having stairs can be a turnoff for some buyers.

Elderly buyers or young families may be deterred from buying a two-story home because they don’t want the hazard or hassle that can come with having stairs.

However, you may still be able to appeal to buyers that don’t like stairs by making some simple changes, or presenting your property in a particular way.

Ensure stairs are presentable

If you have stairs anywhere in your home, make sure they’re clean, well lit and safe. Stairs in dark areas of the home can be a particular concern so if there isn’t adequate lighting consider having some installed before the property is put on the market. A mirror on the wall may also help reflect more light into the space.

Consider outdoors stairs

Outdoors stairs can become hazardous if they haven’t been well maintained, or if nature has decided to take over. Check any wooden stairs and make sure there is no loose steps or rotting boards. Also ensure that all outside steps have a handrail that can be grabbed onto so that all parts of the garden are easily accessible.

Play with the floor plan

Stairs may be less of a problem with some buyers if most living can be done on the one level. You could consider switching some of the rooms around so that all of the main rooms are on the ground floor. For example, if there are no bedrooms downstairs you might be able to style a study or a living room as a bedroom when it comes time for open homes.

Stairs won’t present a problem for the majority of sellers, however depending on the area and buyer demographic they can be an issue. If you have any concerns it’s best to contact your local Professionals Real Estate Agent for further advice.

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