5 ways to add organisation to your garage

5 ways to add organisation to your garage

4 Nov 2017 prosmarketing 0 Comment

The garage can be a great place for household storage however it often ends up turning into one big dumping ground where owners place all of the items they don’t want to deal with.

But the garage can be just as neat and organised as the rest of the house with a few simple tricks.


  1. Install ceiling racks

The ceiling can be a great place to store all of those items that you want to keep out-of-sight. If you have enough height in your garage look for some good ceiling shelves that you can use to keep all of those seldom used items like Christmas decorations, or just anything that you want to get off the floor.


  1. Utilise the walls

A clear wall offers fantastic storage potential. It can be used for things like shelves or you may prefer to just simply use it as a space to hang up all of your tools.


  1. Add a foldable workbench

If you need your garage to do work in then consider using a foldable workbench so that your work can easily be packed up when not in use. You may also like to integrate some shelving into the workbench so that you can store tools or other items.


  1. Hang up bicycles

Do you use your garage to park your bikes? Keep them from getting knocked over or in the way by installing a wall bracket that they can be attached to. This will help free up floor space and help prevent your bike from damage too.


  1. Keep it clean

To keep your garage organised and working efficiently you need to clean it regularly. Stay on top of the items placed in there – de-cluttering when necessary – and always check there are no sharp edges or leaking chemicals to keep the room safe.

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  1. Check there are no sharp edges or leaking chemicals

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