How to overcome common buyer deterrents

How to overcome common buyer deterrents

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Trying to find a new home can be hard work, so it’s understandable that buyers have a complex list of wants and needs.

Working with an experienced real estate agent will help you identify any pitfalls that your property may face and reasons that buyers may discount it right away, and while there are some things you can’t change, there’s a lot that you can.

Here are a few common issues faced by homeowners and how they can be turned around:


The property is in a noisy area

Most homebuyers are looking for a nice and quiet oasis and may turn the other way if a property is located close to something such as a train line or a busy road.

To help make noise less of an issue consider investing in creating sound barriers at the property. For example you could use fencing, walls or plants to help block out noise. Double or triple glazed windows can also be effective.

Another option is to create white noise in the background, with water features being a popular choice for making it feel a little more quiet and calm outside.

Keep in mind that a property in a noisy location won’t appeal to everyone, even if you do make changes to reduce noise as much as possible; so discuss with your agent the types of buyers that may be interested in the property and how best to approach your marketing campaign.


The next-door neighbour is an apartment block

As capital cities become more densely populated, houses located next door to apartment blocks are becoming increasingly common, however they may still turn buyers away.

A common complaint that buyers have with houses located next to apartment blocks is the lack of privacy or natural light. Noise may also be a concern.

These issues can often be put to the back of the buyer’s mind with a few simple property updates.

Plants and screens can be used to provide any needed privacy and will also help filter out noise.

If light is a concern, you can bring extra natural light into the home through skylights.


The property has poor kerb appeal

A buyer may write off a property with bad kerb appeal, but a few cosmetic changes can help turn this around.

There are plenty of ways to improve a property’s appearance and they’re not necessarily expensive either.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, as can new window treatments or a new front door. Don’t forget to pay attention to the little things too – clear away the cobwebs and clean footpaths.

Sometimes it’s the landscaping that is the issue – so consider bringing in some new trees and plants and fixing up the front fence.

Always make sure you talk to your agent about ways to overcome any common homebuyer deterrents and for more tips and advice about selling read our guide 101 Tips to Sell Your Home.


  1. Clear away any cobwebs

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