Tips for organising the garden shed

Tips for organising the garden shed

15 Nov 2017 prosmarketing 0 Comment

If your garden shed is like many others in Australia it’s probably a place where you quickly stash all of your tools and pots and then leave them to gather dust until you next need them.

While it’s not unusual for a garden shed to look a little dishevelled, it can present a problem if you’re looking to sell your home.

The garden shed, like any other room at a property, needs to be well presented at sale time if you want to impress buyers and get the maximum price possible.

So if you want to organise your shed so that it looks uncluttered, here are some ideas:


Be ruthless

First thing you need to do is clear out as much as possible to help make the shed feel bigger. Ask yourself if you really need old pieces of hose or five different hammers. Everything you can toss will help free up space and make your life easier when it comes time to move too.


Start cleaning

Give the shed a good cleanout before you start to tackle organisation. A clean shed will provide more space and make it easier to sort through tools and other objects. Plus nobody likes walking into a grimy and dirty shed.


Hang things

A great way to organise tools is to hang them on the walls so they are out of the way yet still easily accessible when you need them. You can install a track system with hooks, or for a cheaper option nails can offer the same solution.


Install shelving

Invest in some shelving for your shed to help keep all your bits and pieces organised and prevent them from gathering dust on the floor. Shelves with adjustable heights are a good idea so you can match the shelf height to your tools.


Add a bench

Once your shed is all tidy you should be able to find the space for a small bench. This can be a handy space to undertake small projects or do your potting.

With these few simple tips your garden shed should be transformed into a major asset to your home.

If you want more tips to help prepare your property for sale, read the 101 Tips to Sell Your Home guide.


  1. Organise your shed so that it looks uncluttered

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