Renting FAQs

Renting FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of the common questions we get asked most frequently, to ensure you have a safe and satisfying rental experience. This is in no way, a comprehensive list and we encourage all (prospective) renters to contact us at the Professionals Real Estate for a more in-depth analysis of their renting decision. 

I’ve found the property I love! Do you have any last minute advice for me?

Yes we do! It is imperative that you don’t make an emotional renting decision. It’s good that you’ve found the property you love, but check the following as well:  

I’m sure I’ve found the right one. What’s the next step now? 

Act fast and enter into a tenancy agreement before another interested renter makes a move. For completing the agreement, which is  known as a lease, you will need to provide your property rental and employment history, along with proof of identity. The tentative date of moving in, and the number of people who will stay with you must be included as well. You’ll need to provide all the documents to ensure the lease is drafted and signed fast. Alternatively, consider offering the landlord an initial deposit in favor of holding the property for you till the agreement is prepared. 

The lease sounds critical. What are some important things I need to know about it?

The lease is in fact, very critical to protecting your rights as a tenant. It includes information pertaining to the rent you should pay, conditions of entry, rules of continuing the agreement after expiry and other special requirements of the landlord. The lease is taken out for a specific period of time, during which you are legally required to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned in it. Note that the lease can not mitigate your rights under Australian law.

Should you want to vacate the property before expiry of your lease (break your lease), you’ll be liable to paying rent as long as the landlord doesn’t find someone to replace you. Some landlords may have other conditions for breaking a lease that you must follow. 

What documents should I expect to receive from my agent?

You should receive a copy of the lease, the condition report and the bond lodgement form. You’ll need to sign the copies after verifying them and return  them to the landlord. You can ask for a receipt for the bond amount, the initial rent paid and lease fees as well. 

What about insurance, should I get some? 

Yes. Insurance is always a good idea, even when you’re renting. Whilst the property owner will have landlord insurance, this only covers the property and not the contents that belong to the tenant. Insuring your contents will protect yourself in the case of theft, fire or other accidents. 

Have any unanswered questions related to renting? Get in touch with us today.

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